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Bone in Ribeye (Club Steak)

Bone in Ribeye (Club Steak)


AKA Club, Bone-In Ribeye. This steak is rich, juicy and full-flavored with generous marbling throughout. Bone for those steak lovers looking for that extra Mmmmm!

Cooking Methods/Recipes: Grilling, Skillet cooking, Skillet to oven, Broiling.


1 1/2" cut.  20oz.

Aged 14 Days.


Raised by Baldy Beef Company in Palestine, TX 

  • Finishing

    At Baldy Beef Company, we practice a hybrid of grain finishing on pasture. This process allows for a step-up program to gradually acclimate cattle to higher concentrate diets. 

    A typical growing season will extend 14-16 months from calving to produce  top qualitypackaged beef .

  • Shipping

    Shipping of all orders are fulfilled every Tuesday.  Baldy Beef Company ships across the U.S. with Fedex and expect within 2 day by 12 noon shipped on dry ice. Orders received after 10:30am (CST) Tuesdays will be shipped the following week. Pick up at GBH Farms is also available if you feel like taking a joy ride to Palestine, TX.  Personally we can also arrange delivery within a reasonable distance. ​

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