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Our Story

Baldy Beef Company LLC

My parents are high school sweet hearts, now married 30+ years. In 2015 they purchased an old farm house in East Texas and set off to re-new an old life style. Cleaning brush, building fence, re-working roads, erecting barns, tilling soil, building corrals … was all in a good - days work. Eventually, GBH (Greg, Becky, Heather) Farms the Heart of Baldy Beef Company was born. 

But not just beef. Goats, donkeys, horses, dogs and barn cats all roam the well manicured pastures, bringing the once silent landscape back to life. We also produce fresh goat milk soap thru the creative guidance of my mother, Becky. 

Honest work and a sense of pride in what you accomplished at the end of a day is what continues to drive us today. 

To produce a fine product at a fair price. 

                                                                                     - Heather Lynn 

Baldy Beef Company LLC home to the heart W brand of GBH Farms. At Baldy Beef Company, we practice a hybrid of grain finishing on pasture. This process allows for a step-up program to gradually acclimate cattle to higher concentrate diets.

we breed, calf and raise cattle known for efficiency. Our cattle are the product of genetic pairing purebred Hereford with purebred Angus. This genetic cross (first or F1) produces a weight-gaining and efficient product sharing the top traits from both breeds. Knowing your genetic make-up going into the growing/finishing phase of production allows for more control of othervariables such as nutrition and overall animal health. 

Breed , Calf , Raise, Wean, Grain -Pasture Finish, Process, Age, Package ... Enjoy!  

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