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"Raised on Beef"

Texas + Beef … It's a thing. The satisfaction of a perfectly cooked medium rare (more on the rare side) steak can bring to your life, a plump juicy cheeseburger that displays the All-American motto or the sizzling tender fajita meat that makes your love for Tex-Mex grow eternal, for as they say, "'til death do us part!" Growing up in a small town in Texas with a family that valued home cooked meals, family gatherings and cook outs; one thing I will always remember was the excitement for beef and how good it would be. It's pretty incredible that not only the nourishment beef provides, but most importantly the experience beef can bring to life. Think about it ...

you invite friends and family over to smoke your favorite cuts of beef, tailgating with cook outs while you pregame for your favorite team, cook-offs, fairs, festivals, vacations, a night out at your favorite restaurant to order that perfectly cooked steak that you treat yourself to and many more memorable events that all have one thing in common, beef. The joy these moments can bring to your life.

It's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that I will be forever grateful for. I was raised around these ideals and strive to continue this legacy of quality and great times onto others. As a family, we now embrace the welfare and raising process of beef which has taken our beef experience to a whole different level. The passion that was gained in raising cattle mixed with the love of eating beef has led us to this new chapter with the creation of Baldy Beef Company. As we continue to navigate into our newest adventure, we look forward to bring you some of your "best beef experiences" you have yet to live!

From our family to yours we inspire to create those memories around family and friends that you will always have to look back on and cherish. I look forward to continue to share all things beef with y'all.

- Heather Lynn Williams

For the love of beef.

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