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Know your genetics?
Know Baldy Beef Company, LLC

"At BBCO, we breed registered Angus and Hereford cattle to provide you with known genetics from our ranch to your table. Born and raised under low stress conditions, while practicing Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, offers our consumers a quality, healthy, and safe Beef experience.”


"Located in upper east texas, bordering piney woods, prairies and lake regions, gbh farms is home to the heart w brand."

"Quality meat is the culmination of breeding for carcass traits,  coupled with optimum nutrition, allowing genetics to do their job. taking pride in caring for animals goes

a long way in producing a product you can be

proud of."

"This seedstock cow/calf
operation is the result of top Hereford genetics from ranches such as W4 crossed with Capitol Angus genetics identified for growth, fleshing ability and

carcass merit."

""ALL natural texas beef"


NO alterations during processing.  

NO additional artificial ingredients, colorants, chemical preservatives.

Home is where the beef is 


This is us

Baldy Beef Company LLC is home to the heart W brand of GBH Farms. We raise registered Herefords and Angus. This combination takes advantage of top characteristics from each breed, culminating in quality Beef!


Definition of "Black Baldy"



Black Baldy is a type of crossbreed beef cattle produced by crossing Hereford cattle with a solid black breed, usually Aberdeen Angus. -Wikipedia 

:a hardy black cow with a mostly white face that is produced by crossing a Hereford and Angus cow - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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