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Half Beef Custom (Deposit)

Half Beef Custom (Deposit)


The price for a half is $2125 in total. $250 deposit to hold your processing space and $1875 due at delivery. Once your deposit is made we will be in contact with you to customize your custom cut sheet. (Pre Order Available June 2024)


Aged 14 days, Delivery available Texas Only. Quantities and specific cuts will be determined at time of consult. Approximately 225 - 250 lbs of packaged meat. ~7cu ft freezer space. Contact us for shipping rates or pick up available in Palestine, TX.


Raised by Baldy Beef Company in Palestine, TX

  • Breeding

    It starts with breeding. Cows must be at peak nutrition to cycle, conceive and birth healthy calves. Next, calves are dependent on their mother's for critical stages in development, including milk production, immune support and overall welfare/protection. Once calves are weaned, care is taken in providing nutritional assistance to further develop a "stress-free" environment to thrive. At Baldy Beef Company, we practice a hybrid of grain finishing on pasture. This process allows for a step-up program to gradually acclimate cattle to higher concentrate diets. 

    A typical growing season will extend 14-16 months from calving to produce packaged beef top quality.

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